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Weight2Lose Medical Clinics

Your Premier Destination for Preventative Healthcare & Personalized Nutrition

Embark on a transformative journey with Weight2Lose

A global leader in preventative healthcare, committed to helping you achieve lasting weight loss and improved well-being. Since 2013, our clinic based in Toronto, Canada, has empowered over 20,000 patients worldwide. Whether you choose to visit us in person or opt for our remote services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Embark on a health journey with Weight2Lose Medical Clinics

Our services range from personalized nutritional counseling, meal planning, to cognitive behavioral therapy and comprehensive assessments. To understand these services better, visit our ‘Clinical and Remote Services’ pages. For an integrated approach to weight loss, explore our signature ‘Integrative Program’.

Dive right into a healthier future! Check out examples of our diverse services below to see how we can customize your wellness journey.

Weight Loss

Personalized Meal Plans

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Nutritional Therapy for Disease Management

Nutrition Support for Women’s Health

Nutrition Support for Men’s Health

Nutrition for Kids and Young Adults

Sports Nutrition

Eating Disorders Support

Personalized Fitness Training

Growing Library of Preventative Healthcare Resources

Unlock the full potential of Weight2Lose’s extensive library of chronic disease prevention programs, dietary interventions, behaviour modification courses, expertly curated meal plans, delicious recipes, and more. Our rapidly expanding and research supported library is completely free to the audiences and employees of Weight2Lose License Owners.

Our Philosophy

Weight2Lose is driven by a commitment to prioritize patient needs over profit, offering genuine care and support through a patient-centered approach. We understand the challenges faced in the weight loss industry and strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for our patients, whether in-clinic or remotely. Our program philosophy includes:

Private Consultations

Personalized care from registered nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, trainers, and other healthcare professionals.

Realistic Goals

Achievable weight loss timelines based on individual needs.

Preventative Care

Comprehensive personalized healthcare services, with a primary focus on nutrition.

Smart Shopping

Individualized guidance for healthier grocery choices.

Physical Activity

Continuous support for safe and enjoyable physical exercise.

Stress & Sleep

Techniques for effective stress management and promoting healthy sleep habits.

Inclusive Nutrition

Clean, culturally-sensitive, gender-specific, and personalized nutritional advice.

Mindful Eating

Emphasis on preventing emotional eating and promoting mindful consumption.

Research-Based Treatments

Medical treatments backed by the latest research.

Sustainable Changes

Encouragement of lasting lifestyle alterations and healthy habit formation.

Join Weight2Lose from anywhere globally!

Our 100% remote program allows you to access our outstanding support, regardless of your location. If you’ve discovered us through a licensed location like your corporate office, doctor’s office, or local pharmacy, we recommend signing up through them. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly.

Let’s embark on your journey to better health together.

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