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Medical Weight Loss Clinics

Has the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected your eating habits? Are you having trouble with unwanted body fat? Have you struggled to create a successful nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle? Do you enjoy physical activity or lead a sedentary lifestyle? Do you suffer from type 2 Diabetes or Heart Disease? Do you have sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, or blood sugar problems? Are you a mindful eater or do you suffer from emotional eating?  If you struggle with any of the above, don’t feel bad. We all experience health setbacks. Please reach out today to schedule your free consultation to learn how our medical team can help!

In-Clinic or Virtual Nutrition Programs

What creates an effective weight loss program? One that provides a personalized approach and a clear action plan. As a medically supervised metabolic care clinic, we provide essential services such as blood work requisitions, fat % and BMI assessments, and blood pressure testing. However, we go beyond all standard services and provide in depth virtual and/or in-clinic nutritional counselling, personalized meal planning with shopping lists and recipes, in-home exercise programs and much more. Each of our evidence-based programs is built on many years of research and resulted in thousands of successful lifestyle transformations. Successful weight loss requires long-term changes to your mindset, eating habits and physical activity. All our services are available to the general public without a referral, and with ongoing access to OHIP* covered consultations with a medical doctor who specializes in weight loss and chronic disease management.

*OHIP is a health insurance plan run by the provincial government of Ontario. Allied health services may be covered by your benefits.

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OHIP Supported Clinical Nutrition

Our clinical nutrition program is a weekly support system from a weight loss physician and a registered nutritionist.  We carefully monitor chronic conditions, design personalized meal plans, develop regular grocery shopping lists, provide numerous custom recipes based on your eating preferences and take time to teach you how to prepare your own meals. We also provide a wide range of health education materials and behavioral modification methods based on modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Our goal is to help you address the root cause of your health concerns. Please  contact us today to book your free in-clinic or phone consultation.

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Virtual or In-Studio Personal Training

Finding a personal trainer in Ontario who is well qualified and you enjoy working with can be challenging. Weight2Lose personal training sessions are held in our recently renovated and fully private studio, inside our Thornhill clinic location or facilitated virtually by video at the comfort of your home, anywhere in Ontario. If you are thinking about starting an exercise program at home or searching for a studio space, please contact us today to discuss your options.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (often called CBT) is a powerful form of weight loss therapy. Whether your problem is emotional eating, mindless eating, stress, anxiety or depression, our team of medical experts will help you modify these unhealthy behaviors for good.

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Lose Weight Safely Under Medical Care

Looking for weight loss support in Ontario? Our clinic provides a medically supervised support system for overcoming chronic diseases, metabolic issues, obesity, and a wide range of obesity comorbidities. Our research validated approach includes integrative lifestyle modification strategies such as intermittent fasting or Mediterranean diets, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions for diabetes prevention and medically supervised weight management.

By creating your tailored program, we will improve your health before a trip to the hospital is ever necessary. You need a team of clinicians who will care about you and collaborate with you to create a plan that meets your unique needs.

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If you must reach a timeline based goal, we will help you develop a highly effective, goal specific action plan. At the same time, we won’t just help you lose weight – we will help you build a lifestyle that will keep you feeling energized, fit and healthy permanently. Weight2Lose programs have a 95% satisfaction rate and help thousands of patients every year.

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Why Weight2Lose?

The difference between Weight2Lose and other clinics isn’t just in our care, compassion, and commitment. Our programs are evidence based, medically supervised, with all physician consultations covered by OHIP. Our methods have been proven with thousands of patients who have achieved their goals. This is your personal journey, whether you’re interested in losing weight,  need some help to improve your diet or learn how to do proper stretching at home – we can help! You deserve to feel your best, sleep better, eat better, and live better. Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way!

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Trying to minimize exposure during the pandemic?

All Weight2Lose Programs Are Available Remotely!

Our medically led remote programs are also personalized, highly effective and may be the best option for you and your family. Weight2Lose physicians, registered nutritionists / dietitians, and personal trainers are all available to facilitate programs virtually in the comfort of your home. At the same time, if you prefer to attend our clinic in-person, we are happy to see you! Masks on!

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What is an Effective Weight Loss Program?

The very first “diet” book ever published was by William Banting, “Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public” The book advocated for a low carb diet.  Today there are at least 5 million diet books published and over 1000 different types of diets.  So how do you go about choosing that one-in-a-thousand plan that is right for you?

The best way to start is by getting yourself a journal and writing down the foods you eat for each meal, including any snacks. This will serve as a powerful tool for your health care team. Your eating habits, lifestyle and the foods you choose, “good or bad” all tell a story that our healthcare team can interpret. Together we will help you find that “one-in-a-thousand” plan that’s just right for you.

At Weight2Lose we develop personalized nutrition programs that are designed specifically for each individual patient.  We don’t believe in “one size fits all” treatments any more than we believe in starvation diets or miracle pills. Natural, healthy weight loss only occurs when the body is properly tuned, primed, and nourished, and that’s what our programs will help you accomplish.

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How to Select the Right Weight Loss Program?

Our team at Weight2Lose Medical Clinics is dedicated to helping you build lifelong habits to maximize your health. We do not prescribe diet pills or fad diets, and we don’t support “fast” weight loss. Instead we give you the tools for your mind and body to achieve your goals. After all, your success is our success. You may have been lured by ineffective programs and sometimes amoral practitioners if you have heard any of the following claims:

  • “You must do injections to be able to stay on our program!”
  • “Follow this meal plan template to succeed”
  • “You can lose 10 pounds and adjust your BMI in a week!”
  • “We make weight loss easy, just take this medication!”
  • “Eat what you want, and drop the pounds, like magic!”
  • “Don’t worry about physical activity!”

At Weight2Lose we don’t offer unsustainable programs, false hopes or exaggerated promises. Instead we help you by providing the tools you will need for a healthy life.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions
  • Personalized nutritional education
  • Exercise planning and support
  • Our unwavering commitment to your health and fitness goals

Our extensive onboarding process is based on years of experience and patient feedback, and will help us formulate the perfect plan for achieving your health and weight loss goals.

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Example of How you Can Start Today!

Please note, fasting is not for everyone and may in fact not be the correct solution for your goals. Some people may even perceive it as difficult or unhealthy because long fasts deprive them of much needed energy and nutrients. However, intermittent fasting is a different procedure. When fasting intermittently, you only eat during certain times of the day, leaving your stomach empty for the majority of your hours.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to start your weight loss journey, one of the methods your medical practitioner may recommend is intermittent fasting. This is generally easier than creating a whole meal plan and can offer numerous health benefits. Fasting can be an effective intervention for many patients and provide you with a better way of thinking about food.

If you want to make positive lifestyle changes and enjoy long-term weight loss, contact Weight2lose today!

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