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Why Us?  Weight2Lose Medical Clinics

For over seven years Weight2Lose has worked to provide patients with the best weight loss programs. Our weight loss clinic in Toronto opened its doors in 2013, and since then we have helped thousands of patients to lose weight successfully each year.

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About Weight2Lose

Weight2lose programs offer an evidence based approach to weight loss and chronic disease prevention and management. Our personal training and clinical nutrition programs are supervised by primary care doctors and facilitated in collaboration with highly qualified allied health professionals. Our programs utilize the most up to date research and clinical practice guidelines.

How Weight2Lose is Different

Our experienced team of medical doctors and healthcare professionals are not just about numbers on the scale. We help patients who are suffering from health problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, inflammation, sleep apnea, anxiety, and numerous other related disorders. Our physicians care about the growing problem of obesity and underlying risks of all metabolic diseases. By acting locally and starting in the Greater Toronto Area, with virtual programming available all across the province of Ontario, we plan to make a difference. OHIP covered physician consultations add significant value to all of our nutrition programs and fitness services.

Our Pillars of Success

Treating all people with respect and integrity
Excellent patient care and attention to special needs
Developing partnerships with people and organizations who share our values and vision
Our responsibility of continuously improving the Canadian health care system
Continuous innovation, process improvement and simplicity
Continuous development of research backed, ‘practice ready’ resources for weight loss and management of a wide range of chronic diseases
Helping Physicians target the root cause of their patients’ chronic diseases, not just the symptoms
Making Weight2Lose programs and resources easily accessible for all Canadians and beyond
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