Steps to Clinic License Ownership

  • 1Apply

    Complete the general information section and essay.
    The first step in the licensing process is to fill out an application and describe your vision in a concise essay format. The essay can be informal, yet should indicate your interests, why you are looking to integrate Weight2Lose into your operations and what you would like to achieve. Once submitted, you are also welcome to schedule a time for an informal interview in our Toronto head office location (343 Wilson Avenue, suite 201).
  • 2Choose Location

    Provide the address for your licensed site.
    If you do not have an address confirmed, please indicate your preferred geographical area. Existing business owners should also provide information about their current operations and the nature of their business.
  • 3Submit Qualifications

    Provide educational background for you and your staff.
    In order for us to efficiently personalize your training and prepare you for launch, submit the educational background and all applicable certifications of your primary program facilitator/s and clinic operations manager/s.
  • 4Insurance

    Submit proof of insurance.
    License owners must submit proof of insurance for their current organization (when applicable) and/or program facilitator/s.
  • 5License Agreement

    Sign license agreement.
    Once you (and your legal advisor) carefully reviewed the agreement, sign the Weight2Lose license agreement. E-sign option is available.
  • 6Complete Payment

    Complete license payment.
    You will be required to submit the full payment for your first year (or 3 years) as a license owner. As soon as payment is finalized, you will receive an invoice (with an HST number, for Ontario license owners).
  • 7Training

    Complete training.
    Schedule and complete all Weight2Lose operations and program facilitation training modules.
  • 8Launch

    Congratulations! You are now an official Weight2Lose clinic license owner.