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Weight2Lose Medical Clinics offers a wide
range of preventive healthcare programs, with varying combinations of services, in accordance with our clients’ health needs and goals. If you have a question about any of our services or programs, we would be happy to discuss your goals and answer all your questions.


Medically Supervised Nutritional Counselling

Weight2Lose registered nutritionists and medical doctors possess advanced understanding of medical nutrition therapy, work in a clinical practice and have verifiable certificates of accomplishment. We advise clients on matters of nutrition, CBT, mindset, appetite, and a wide range of healthcare needs. 

An experienced registered nutritionist, in collaboration with a weight loss physician, will perform a nutrition assessment and design a personalized nutrition program that will help you lose weight and maintain your results permanently. Your clinical nutritionist will teach you to prepare meals you enjoy, so that you can change your eating habits for good. 

If you have never met with a registered nutritionist, or a weight loss physician, you will be impressed at how their combined knowledge of “nutrition as medicine” and cognitive behavioral therapy can change your life. When you combine an evidence-based nutrition program, with a strong commitment to pursue your health habits with discipline, you will discover your highest levels of health, vitality, and energy.

To learn more about Weight2Lose dietary interventions and download a few program examples, please visit our Dietary Interventions page.


Support Groups & Education with Allied Health Professionals

Weight2Lose support group counselling is designed to deliver our clinical nutrition program for weight loss and chronic disease prevention in a small and intimate support group setting. Our healthcare experts will provide ongoing nutritional guidance and behavior modification interventions. Our healthcare professionals will also monitor your weight loss, provide specialized counselling, offer accountability support, and guide participants through a wide range of preventive healthcare resources.


Personal Training

We are not a typical gym, so imagine feeling comfortable, in a friendly environment. We encourage you to work your body in phases. Periodization is the systematic approach to training that helps you avoid overworking one group of muscles or injuring yourself by progressing incrementally from one phase to the next, increasing intensity as your body is able. Our qualified instructors can help you follow an effective program by adhering to the following phases:


  • Aerobic Conditioning and Light Strengthening Routine 
  • Muscular Development
  • Toning and Shaping
  • Macronutrient Planning
  • Home Workout Planning

Membership to a Growing Library of Preventive Healthcare Resources

Weight2Lose membership is designed to provide our program participants with access to a wide range of important video-based and downloadable preventive healthcare resources. Our medical team has been accumulating these valuable resources for our clients since the beginning of our practice, in 2013, and continues to create essential content for our clients. You will enjoy access to our growing library of easily searchable nutrition programs designed for a wide range of lifestyle scenarios, medical conditions, caloric targets, and specific macronutrient needs. Weight2Lose clients also receive access to 3 research-supported, self-guided behavior modification courses. And of course, you will enjoy access to thousands of recipes, categorized for your convenience.