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Weight2Lose offers a scientifically proven approach to weight loss and chronic disease prevention, combining personalized nutritional counselling, behavior modification and exercise planning, all supervised by weight loss physicians.

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Nutritional Counselling

A Weight2Lose registered nutritionist is someone with an advanced understanding of medical nutrition therapy, works in a clinical practice and has a verifiable certificate of accomplishment. We advise clients on matters of nutrition, mindset, appetite, and a wide range of healthcare needs. 

An experienced registered nutritionist will perform a nutrition assessment and design a personalized nutrition program that will help you lose weight and maintain your results permanently. Your clinical nutritionist will teach you to prepare meals you enjoy, so that you can change your eating habits for good. 

If you have never met with a registered nutritionist, or a weight loss physician, you will be impressed at how their combined knowledge of “nutrition as medicine” and cognitive behavioral therapy can change your life. When you combine an evidence-based nutrition program, with a strong commitment to pursue your health habits with discipline, you will discover your highest levels of health, vitality, and energy.
To learn more about Weight2Lose dietary interventions and download a few program examples, please visit our Dietary Interventions page.

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Personal Training

Weight2lose personal training is quite unique. We are not a typical gym, so imagine feeling completely comfortable, in a friendly environment, and not feeling “lost”. People join our personal training and/or semi-private exercise program for many different reasons. Usually they want:

  • Accountability
  • Expertise
  • Motivation and discipline
  • Exercise variety
  • Education and safety
  • Results

To learn more about how to start exercising safely and effectively, please visit our Personal Training & Exercise Planning page.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Weight Loss

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (often called CBT) is a powerful resource for battling the increasing rate of obesity and chronic medical conditions. The CBT approach is all about improving mental health by examining and challenging unhealthy behavioral impulses, irrational beliefs, and self doubt. Patients treated with cognitive behavioral therapy may experience an enhanced ability to respond to stress related impulses and maintain a healthier emotional state. Successfully avoiding bad decisions becomes less difficult with a properly structured CBT plan. 


Adopting a new healthy habit, or breaking an old, “bad one”, can be difficult. Research suggests that any effort you make is worthwhile, even if you encounter setbacks. CBT can be administered in a variety of ways ranging from talk therapy to filling out self-monitoring worksheets. Whether your problem is binge eating, emotional eating or obsessively checking your BMI (body mass index), our team of medical experts can help you modify these unhealthy behaviors. 


Our program is research supported and leads to lasting lifestyle changes. Interventions are facilitated by medical doctors and/or qualified health educators, both privately and/or in a small group setting. Our clinical program and online courses will help you to successfully achieve sustainable lifestyle changes and develop permanent health habits.

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The chart below offers a simplified breakdown of Weight2Lose program options. During your free initial consultation, your advisor will tailor a plan based on your weight loss timeline, healthcare requirements, fitness goals and lifestyle preferences.

Free Consultation
Access to Weight2Lose Library of Resources
Support Group Counselling
Physician Consultations*
Personalized Nutritional Counselling
Personalized Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and Recipes
Training or Semi-Private Training
Personalized Exercise Program Design
Health Investment

Please book your free consultation to receive a personalized quotePlease book your free consultation to receive a personalized quote
*Dear Weight2Lose Clients! Please note that physician consultations are only available for Ontario residents. If you reside outside Ontario, you are still welcome to join our program. You may visit our FAQ page for more detail.