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Partnership Information

Since 2013, Weight2Lose Medical Clinics has helped over 20,000 Ontario patients lose weight and manage chronic diseases. We propose integrating our vast resources into your pharmacy, clinic, or another health-oriented business. Our collaboration will provide significant value to your patients and introduce new revenue streams for your company.

Resources for Your Patients:

Meal Plans Library

An expansive, searchable database featuring meal plans tailored to diverse caloric needs, medical conditions, and personal lifestyles.

Recipes Vault

Categorized library with wholesome recipes.

Preventative Healthcare Education

Growing library that covers topics from digestive wellness to gender-specific health, Diabetes and heart disease prevention, weight management strategies, and much more.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Courses

Self-led courses, addressing Emotional Eating Prevention, Mindful Eating, and modules on Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention.

Personalized Live Services

Reduced Rate on Personalized Meal Planning & Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

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Partnership Value Proposition

New revenue streams

Monetize medically supervised weight loss, attract new clients, and maximize recurring purchases.

Free online resources for your community

Free access to behavior modification courses, educational workshops, and a meal planning database for your patients.

Video Production Studio

Large selection of customizable white label educational videos designed to educate your patients on essential healthcare topics, while promoting your brand and specific products.

Fully Outsourced Services

We manage all aspects of program implementation and delivery.

Ready to Empower Your Patients & Unlock New Revenue Streams?

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