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Welcome to Weight2Lose Licensing FAQ

Discover how our proven licensing program can empower your organization or business. Our highly practical, science-based programs were successfully implemented in clinical settings all across Canada (and beyond), with over 20,000 satisfied clients.

Satisfied Clients

Weight2Lose content development is backed by research, and supported by educational and medical establishments. With a passionate and fast growing team of healthcare professionals, we’re building a vast library of practical and evidence-based resources to help you promote healthier lives and maximize revenue. The same team is available to serve your clients and/or employees seven days a week.

The Weight2Lose Licensing Program is a comprehensive solution designed for healthcare organizations and businesses seeking to enhance their wellness offerings. The program provides access to a fast-growing inventory of diet and health-oriented programs, turnkey staffing solutions to manage live programs, and robust marketing tools, all aimed at promoting healthier lives and maximizing your organization’s revenue.

Our main focus is on healthcare organizations such as clinics and hospitals. At the same time, businesses, government organizations, and anyone seeking to deploy turnkey preventative healthcare and personalized nutrition systems can benefit from our licensing program. Your audiences can include patients, employees, management teams, clients, shoppers, members, and other participants from any industry.

The program offers a fast growing library of resources in preventative healthcare, personalized nutrition, behavior modification therapy, and modalities for all preventable chronic conditions. Additionally, it includes turnkey marketing tools, scalable staffing solutions, personalized website landing pages, and remote live and self-guided programs.

With our powerful, scalable, and flexible revenue model, your organization retains 100% of program sales revenue (minus clearly visible costs) and controls staffing expenses through our fully outsourced staffing solutions. From small practices (e.g. cardiology clinic) to vast client volumes (e.g. hospital network), our onboarding, training, and proven recruitment model ensure effective scalability and high service quality standards.

Yes, there is a one-time upfront cost of $10,000 CAD (for Canadian license owners) and $10,000 USD (anywhere in the world) associated with the setup of your Weight2Lose license. In the majority of cases, there are no additional upfront costs. At the same time, additional consulting and/or live training fees may apply due to travel requirements and increased deployment complexity across multiple physical sites.

Our fully outsourced team staffing packages start at $3,500 per month, which includes access to a team of registered nutritionists, sales executives, and remote administrators. Pricing levels may shift up and down for every 50 actively paying participants (enrolled in your new programs), ensuring that you minimize unused staff time. Our outsourcing rates are linked to your specific volume and offer highly competitive and fair pricing, making our program cost-efficient and adaptable to your organization’s needs.

Yes, our Affiliate Partnership option allows organizations to experience the benefits of our program without incurring any costs. This alternative is ideal for those looking to boost their wellness initiatives and provide comparable value to their audiences without the financial investment of a full license.

Yes, our programs and resources, including live programs, are 100% remote and can be offered worldwide. No physical space is required, allowing you to provide essential preventative healthcare services to clients or employees anywhere with an internet connection.

Yes, medical doctors willing to become medical facilitators of the program (e.g., monitor patients’ blood work, advise on medication changes, conduct CBT sessions, prescribe medication, etc.) are welcome to consult patients in their own physical location. We provide doctors with education, scripts, note templates, and a facilitator starter package to collaborate with our remote teams effectively.

Yes, absolutely. You can integrate our resources into your physical location to provide additional value to your clients, patients, or employees. Our resources are designed to complement your existing services and enhance your organization’s wellness offerings.

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Unlock the empowering potential of Weight2Lose licensing for your healthcare organization or business. With access to our expanding library of health resources, turnkey staffing solutions, and powerful marketing tools, you’ll be poised for success. Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a company looking to enhance employee wellness, our comprehensive program paves the way for meaningful impact.

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