License Investment

Healthcare is a defensive industry and will exceed revenues of $300 billion by 2020. Medically led weight loss is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in a vastly underserved Canadian market.

The expenditure ranges below represent start up cost estimates for launching a Weight2Lose licensed clinic. You can estimate your own start up budget by entering metrics into the active fields. Please use a PC (larger screen) to navigate this page effectively. Avoid using a small mobile screen.

Annual License Fee (1 site) $
Initial Training Program (for all license modules) $
Rent $
Personalized Consulting $
Legal $
EMR Fees $
Nutrition Software (prorated to 3 months) $
Fitness Software (prorated to 3 months) $
Computers and Related Peripherals $
Patient Manuals $
Equipment and Supplies (e.g. medical scale, etc.) $
Marketing $
Front Desk Payroll** $
Telemedicine (annual) $
Office furniture $
Miscellaneous $
Total $0
*Cost estimates will be provided during your consultation in accordance with your site’s setup requirements. RESET
The default metrics in this cashflow calculator are projections of your operational licensed site (beyond 6 months). You may customize the active field metrics to plan your own "break even" timeline and establish profitability targets. Please use a PC (larger screen) to navigate this page effectively. Avoid using a small mobile screen.

Monthly Revenue Metrics Monthly Expenses
Active Clinical Patients Projection # Rent* $
Nutritionist Fee
(by patient)
$ Overhead (not including rent) $
(by patient)
$ Front Desk Payroll $
Active Fitness Program Patients # Contractors (e.g. design work) $
Average Quantity of Fitness Workshops
(by patient)
# Miscellaneous $
Average Fitness Workshop Price
(per session)
Miscellaneous Income
(e.g. corporate wellness project, research project, etc.)
Total (OHIP Fees) $0
Medical Doctors
(total expense)
Total (clinical nutrition) $0
Clinical Nutritionists
(total expense)
Total (fitness workshops) $0
Certified Fitness Trainers
(total expense)

Total Monthly Revenue $0 Total Monthly Expense $0

Provider Fees
Medical Doctors** % Net Profit (monthly) $0
Account Management Fee*** % Net Profit (annual) $0
Clinical Nutritionist
(monthly rate per patient)
Certified Fitness Trainer
(per session)
*Rent amount should reflect the office space allocated to Weight2Lose clinic operations. (e.g. 2 out of 4 offices, represent 50% of the monthly lease).
**Enter percentage amount paid out to physicians, not in decimal format. (e.g. "75" is the correct format)
***Enter percentage amount paid out to W2L, not in decimal format. (e.g. "5" is the correct format)