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Healthcare is a defensive industry and will exceed revenues of $500 billion by 2028. Medically led weight loss is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in a vastly underserved Canadian market.

The expenditure ranges below represent start up cost estimates for launching a Weight2Lose licensed program in an existing location, with employees and available office space. You can estimate your own start up budget by entering metrics into the active fields. This calculator is designed for clinic owners.

Type of ExpenditureAmount*My Start Up Expenses
Annual License Fee (1 site)$10,000$10,000$
Initial Training Program (depending on the number of modules required)$2,500$12,500$
Personalized Consulting$0$0$
EMR Fees$0$0$
Nutrition Software$0$0$
Patient Resources Membership Website$0$0$
Computers and Related Peripherals$0$0$
Equipment and Supplies (e.g. medical scale, etc.)$0$0$
Front Desk Payroll*$0$0$
Office furniture$0$0$
Outsource Nutritionist/Admin/Sales Recruitment ($1,000 per hired remote employee)$0$0$
*Cost estimates are based on the initial year (if applicable) and available resources.

The default metrics in this ROI calculator are projections of your operational licensed site. You may customize the active field metrics to plan your own return on investment timeline and establish monthly enrollment targets.

Monthly Revenue MetricsAmount
Active Monthly Clients Consulted by your Team#
Nutritionist Monthly Fee (by patient) ($149 basic)$
Total Monthly Revenue$0
Monthly Expenses Metrics
Clinical Nutritionists#
Monthly Cost Per Remote Nutritionist ($750 - $1,500)$
Total Nutritionists Expense$0
Monthly Rent (when applicable)$
Monthly Cost per Remote Sales Admin (when applicable)$
Monthly Marketing Expenses (when applicable)$
Total Monthly Expenses$0
Monthly Profit (your Earnings)$0