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Weight2Lose Physicians

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Weight2lose programs offer an evidence based approach to weight loss and chronic disease prevention. All of our weight loss programs are supervised by primary care doctors and facilitated by highly qualified health professionals. Our programs utilize the most up to date research and clinical practice guidelines.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to improving the health of Canadians. Our medical team consists of a collaborative network of healthcare professionals on a common mission to reverse the obesity and chronic disease threat globally, starting in Ontario.

If you are interested in joining our passionate team of weight loss physicians and allied health professionals, please email your resume to

Prefer to Work from Home?

Join our network of in-home physicians and facilitate our programs from the comfort of your home. Our remote administration team will provide ongoing support and collaborate with you using our web based Accuro EMR. Join us by emailing your resume to or submit your inquiry on the bottom of the page.

Join our Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario

If you prefer to work in a clinical setting, please join our Thornhill head office clinic location (located inside the North-Med building) . We are happy to work with medical doctors that believe in the importance of healthy nutrition and mindset. Join our medical team by emailing your resume to or submit your inquiry on the bottom of the page.

Refer Patients

You may now refer your patients from anywhere in Ontario because our programs are available virtually. Your patients may take part in Weight2Lose programs from the comfort of their homes using the Ontario Telemedicine Network and/or by phone. If your patients are located in the GTA, they are welcome to visit our Thornhill, Ontario, head office clinic location.