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Medical Weight Loss Clinics

Do you struggle to achieve permanent weight loss? Are you a mindful eater or do you suffer from emotional eating?  Do you enjoy physical activity or lead a sedentary lifestyle? Maybe you suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, or metabolic syndrome? If you struggle with any of the above, don’t feel bad. We all experience health setbacks! Please book a free consultation today to learn how our medical team can help you reach your health and fitness goals!

About Weight2Lose

Our Toronto medical clinic opened its doors in 2013, and since then our research-supported program helped over 15,000 patients to lose weight, both in-clinic and remotely. As a medically supervised program, we provide essential services such as personalized nutritional counseling and meal planning, weekly support groups, personal training, blood work requisitions, review of medications, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions, body fat % assessments, blood pressure testing and fitness program design for gym or home use. You will also have access to a growing library of informational resources with self-guided behavior modification courses, hundreds of proven meal plans categorized by diet type and medical conditions, thousands of delicious recipes, and much more! Our team would be happy to discuss your goals in person or remotely, free of charge.

What Our Clients are Saying

Weight2Lose clients understand the advantages of working with our caring and knowledgeable practitioners, over impersonal phone apps and template-based commercial programs. The difference is in our high degree of personalization, direct access to live healthcare experts and genuine compassion. Our methods have been proven with thousands of patients who have achieved their goals and maintained results.

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What Are Your Health Goals?

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Our clients achieve long term weight loss success because they embrace permanent lifestyle changes and accept their new health habits as their own. Many clients simply wish to finetune their existing nutrition plan, resolve a health problem, or achieve a short-term goal like wedding prep or another important event. Once we discover your main health goals and priorities, our team will develop an effective and timeline specific program to ensure your success.

Our Pillars of Success

Treating all people with respect, integrity, and compassionContinuous development of our library of preventive healthcare resources for our patients and partners
Continuously building a world class teamContinuous innovation and process improvement
Excellent patient care and attention to special needs and inquiresDeveloping partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our values

Why Weight2Lose?

The difference between Weight2Lose and other clinics isn’t just in our care, compassion, and commitment. Our programs are evidence based and medically supervised. Our methods have been proven with thousands of patients who have achieved their goals. This is your personal journey, whether you’re interested in losing weight,  need some help to improve your diet or learn how to do proper stretching at home – we can help! You deserve to feel your best, sleep better, eat better, and live better. Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way!

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Weight2Lose Program is Available Remotely, Anywhere in the World

You are welcome to join our program from the comfort of your home.

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Our Philosophy

The weight loss industry has become quite extreme, and unfortunately, for many companies the profit motive far outweighs the actual needs of their patients. Every day, new patients in our program share their past experiences and many feel discouraged because of what they have experienced in previous programs. Our medical team is 100% committed to make you feel safe and comfortable in our clinic (or remotely) and focus plenty of time on YOUR specific needs. This chart summarizes our program philosophy:

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In-depth and private consultations with a medical doctor, nutritionist, and personal trainerQuick appointments without attention to special needs
Realistic weight loss timelineExtremely fast weight loss
Clean, culturally sensitive, gender specific, and personalized nutritionTemplate based diets or frozen meals
Smart and individualized grocery store shoppingAppetite suppressants
Ongoing support system for safe and fun physical activitySedentary lifestyle, with no physical activity planning or support
Effective stress management and healthy sleepMetabolic enhancers
Focus on mindful eating and emotional eating preventionUnnecessary drugs, surgery, or injections as a default solution
Medical doctors that can assist with bloodwork and medication adviceTreatments not based on research
Sustainable lifestyle changes and health habit formationYo-yo dieting (lose fast, regain fast)
Access to friendly, instructor led support groupsBias toward products or supplements
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