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Licensing is a method of doing business by which Weight2Lose (the “Licensing organization” grants to a person (the “License Owner”) the right to use the trade-marks, proven operating system, the company’s know-how, techniques and procedures in order to advertise, sell or distribute services for which the Licensing organization is known and for which it has developed a market awareness and acceptance.

Franchising and licensing bear similarities in the areas of brand utilization, training and support. However, unlike licensing, franchising organizations generally charge higher upfront fees, ongoing annual royalties and exert tight operational controls in every area of business.

Licensing is for all healthcare providers and/or entrepreneurs with a vision to build a successful and highly profitable weight loss and chronic disease care clinic in their community (or as part of their practice).

Weight2Lose licensing is unique in the following ways:

  • Proven clinical business model, with innovative OHIP, insurance and private pay monetization strategies
  • Practical operations guide
  • Unique and evidence based programming, developed for primary care physicians and allied health professionals
  • The only clinical and medically led program with OHIP coverage, to license its brand and share its operations secrets and program resources
  • A unique guide to offer services via telemedicine (in addition to the clinical model), while benefiting patients with OHIP coverage

License owners receive (and benefit from):

  • Comprehensive and practical training program and support system (in our Toronto head office).
  • Growing brand recognition
  • Referrals from a growing network of medical doctors and corporate partners
  • Confidential Weight2lose operations and billing manual
  • Growing library of practical and evidence based resources for patients
  • Scripted program manuals designed for facilitators
  • Strategic consulting
  • Continuous research and content provision
  • Corporate wellness projects/ revenue sharing (upon availability)

Weight2Lose is ideal for hard-working, sales-oriented leaders and/or healthcare professionals who can connect with influencers in their community and develop a successful, patient centric practice.

While a medical, nutrition, fitness or healthcare background can be an asset, it is not required. Weight2Lose is looking for business oriented professionals with a passion and dedication to build a profitable medical weight loss and chronic disease care clinic for their community. Our thorough and turnkey system is designed for any motivated entrepreneur.

The License agreement has an initial term to operate a Weight2lose clinic at the premises for a period of one (1) year or three (3) years. Subsequently, there is an option to renew.

An incorporated company is required to operate the Weight2lose clinic license or function as a separate division within your existing registered corporation.

Provided that you are in good standing with the Licensing organization, additional locations can be applied for.


The entire process (from application to launch) can range from 15-30 calendar days.

Weight2Lose programs are designed to work in any geographical area.

The license agreement is a legal contract, which reflects the agreement between the two parties in regards to the license program that is offered by the licensing organization. The License Agreement contains sections such as an outline of the concept and the business being awarded to the license owner, terms and conditions, fees, and a description of the rights being granted. As well, there are sections that cover the responsibilities of the Licensing organization and the obligations of the license owner.

  • Integrate Weight2Lose into an existing health oriented business
  • Strategically select and launch a new clinic site

For optimal operational efficiency and highly probable expansion requirements, it is advisable for Weight2Lose license owners to have access to an office area containing 2+ private offices and a reception area.

Weight2lose will provide a complete training program covering key categories such as: 1) Operations 2) Sales and Marketing 3) Program Facilitation and 4) Human Resources. The training program will prepare new license owners and their staff to deploy and operate Weight2Lose programs and services. The training program takes 3-4 days to complete, spread out over a course of approximately 1 month. We provide:

  • License owner operations training
  • Facilitator training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Operations manual
  • Facilitator manuals
  • Patient manuals and resources
  • Coaching calls
  • Coaching workshops
  • Email support
  • Peer support

Please refer to the training and resources page for a more detailed breakdown of our training program.


It is essential for Weight2Lose license owners or senior administration staff to manage Weight2Lose operations on your premises.

It is important for license owners to have qualified staff (e.g. registered nurse practitioner or registered dietitian) that completed the facilitator training portion of the Weight2Lose licensing course covering nutrition, cognitive behavioral therapy and health education.

Yes, initially.
A site license owner and/or operations manager may facilitate programs in addition to managing operations. This may help lower expenses in the initial stages of growth. Once your clinic becomes busy, it is advisable to have a dedicated operations manager to oversee sales, marketing and administrative duties.

One of the initial training workshops will provide license owners with essential tips and knowledge necessary for hiring and training appropriate program facilitators, clinical administrators and sales consultants. In addition, license owners will receive proven templates for job posts, interviewing scripts and employment contracts for every applicable Weight2Lose role.


You must have insurance coverage for your healthcare business, with Weight2Lose as additional insured. Facilitators must have coverage relevant to their area of practice.

Patients need to bring their health card. If they have extended health group benefits coverage, they should bring it with them as well.