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Weight2Lose Franchising

Our innovative clinical business model is designed to help you launch a proven physician led program in the widely underserved, multi-billion dollar preventive healthcare market.

Join Weight2Lose As A Franchisee

Why Become a Weight2Lose Franchisee?

Whether you are a physician, an owner of a health oriented business, or an ambitious entrepreneur looking for a new venture, you must recognize the impact of the growing obesity and chronic disease epidemic. By partnering with Weight2Lose, you can become a part of the solution to this national and international problem.

Powerful Niche Market Opportunity

Over 60% of Canadians are overweight and most of them have medical conditions related to obesity. At the same time, fewer than 3% of primary care clinics provide sufficient support in the areas of weight loss and chronic disease care. As a Weight2Lose Medical Clinics franchisee, you will fulfill a vast and significantly underserved preventive healthcare market.

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Innovate Canadian Healthcare

From personalized weight loss programs to chronic disease care, we help patients optimize their health through clinical nutrition, personal training, and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions. Our franchisees are essential in transitioning Canadian healthcare from the current “reactive” state, where primary care providers mainly help their patients through medication and surgery to “preventive” healthcare, targeting the root cause of chronic diseases before they occur.

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Proven And Turnkey Clinical Business Model

When you become a Weight2lose Medical Clinics location owner, you are utilizing a proven business model that has already served over 15,000 patients for the past 7 years. Our comprehensive training program and resources will help you successfully build and start operating a successful medical weight loss and chronic disease prevention clinic.

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The Value Of OHIP Coverage (Ontario)

Only a small number of healthcare vendors offer weight loss consultations with OHIP coverage and they keep their operational and billing systems private. Your Weight2Lose patients will receive significant value from weekly physician appointments, which will help you differentiate your practice. Information necessary for operating our OHIP backed model of care is available to all new Ontario franchisees.

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Fast Growing Brand Recognition And Trust all Across Ontario

Over the past 7 years, Weight2Lose Medical Clinics has become well known and respected in the field of medically supervised weight loss and chronic disease prevention, all across Ontario. Patients and the medical community recognize Weight2Lose as a trusted brand for delivering highly effective clinical nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions, both in clinic and virtually all across Ontario. 

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Growing Library Of Content And Clinical Interventions

Weight2Lose medical team is dedicated to the continuous development of evidence based clinical interventions and program content for our franchisees. The ultimate objective is to maximize health benefits for patients, while introducing new revenue streams for your clinic.

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Attract Committed And Passionate Medical Professionals

Weight2Lose’s unique model of preventive healthcare attracts dedicated and knowledgeable medical doctors, allied health professionals and medical administrators, resulting in a very low staff turnover.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Weight2Lose location owners benefit from multiple revenue streams including OHIP, insurance and private pay.

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Empower Your Practice With Telemedicine

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) provides a secure, confidential and universal platform conveniently accessible to Weight2Lose patients in Ontario. Telemedicine appointments are just like regular OHIP covered appointments, providing absolute privacy through your monitor.

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