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Clinical Nutrition – Find Your Toronto Nutritionist at Weight2Lose

Do you suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, or excess body weight? Are you worried about heart disease, or are you having trouble meeting your weight loss goal?

If you want to effectively manage your weight and well-being, working with someone who truly understands the field of clinical nutrition – the mechanics of dietetics and the science behind it – is key. In order to successfully build a tailored weight loss program that will help prevent chronic diseases and manage essential health metrics as your blood pressure, an understanding of your metabolism and more is required.

Finding a Toronto nutritionist who can both motivate you and keep you focused is crucial to achieving your desired health goals. An experienced registered nutritionist will perform a nutrition assessment and design a personalized diet and maintenance plan that will help you lose weight and maintain your results permanently. You clinical nutritionist will teach you to prepare meals you enjoy, so that you can change your eating habits for good. You will achieve your ideal BMI, muscle tone and aerobic health.

Not sure which fat is good and which is bad, or how much protein is too much? Depending on meal replacements? Maybe you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and you have no clue what you should be eating? What you need is a new direction. Terms like “high cholesterol” and “hypothyroid” can get confusing. Our weight management program makes it simple and easy. It educates you on how to read nutrition labels and understand the ingredients of the food you buy, and much more. If you’re considering weight loss surgery or other drastic measures, we encourage you to book a complementary consultation with a Weight2Lose specialist first.

What is a Registered Nutritionist?

This is someone with an advanced understanding of human nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, and endocrinology. They work in the field of nutrition in a clinical practice and have a verifiable certificate of accomplishment. They advise others on matters of nutrition, appetite, diet, health care, and other habits related to eating. They can help you to “reset” your wellness settings through the food you eat. As experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease, they can be your best ally for warding off obesity and getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

If you have a specific health issue and need help reaching your health goals, we are right here for you. Our medical practitioners will help you improve your eating habits, increase physical activity and maximize immune function. If you have never met with a registered nutritionist, or a weight loss physician, you will be amazed at how their combined knowledge of “nutrition as medicine” and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions can change your life. When you combine an evidence based nutrition program, with a properly structured in-home exercise program, with a strong commitment to pursue your health habits with discipline, you will discover your highest levels of health, vitality and energy.

Are Weight2Lose Nutritionists Covered by OHIP?

Our clinical nutrition programs are not fully covered by OHIP. OHIP does not cover nutrition and personal training services. However, many employers and insurance plans may cover a portion of your medically supervised nutrition program. Consult your insurance company to find out whether your plan covers nutrition counselling services.

Regular OHIP-covered meetings with a medical doctor who specializes in weight management and chronic disease prevention are part of all of our weight loss programs. You may receive OHIP covered physician consultations in our Thornhill clinic location or from the comfort of your home anywhere in Ontario, by phone or Ontario Telemedicine Network.

As a Weight2Lose patient you’ll have access to the best preventive healthcare resources in Ontario. Whether you want to achieve a certain BMI or have problems with your body weight or appetite, our OHIP supported  programs will adapt to your health needs and goals.

What Makes Clinical Nutrition Different From Other Diet Programs?

Most commercial diets make promises of losing weight that sound “awesome” but they are often not effective and can cause malnutrition and metabolic degradation. Some may sell you supplements or injections and others even ask you to buy their food. Weight2Lose medical team has your health in mind, and we only ask that you are committed to changing your lifestyle.

While weight loss programs can seem similar on the surface, clinical nutrition utilizes interventions backed by science that emphasize program adherence and sustainability. Once you have your first visit with our staff you will immediately understand the difference. Our programs are also designed to work hand in hand with personal training and other health and fitness services.

Clinical Nutrition at Weight2Lose

We are different from commercial programs in a number of ways. Our physicians and allied healthcare providers adhere to the highest standards of care in Ontario. We walk each patient through a step by step process until they understand and appreciate the impact that food has on the human body, chiefly the foods and nutrients specific to their health concerns. We get to the root cause of each health problem. Whether it is physical or psychological, we will help you deal with whatever illness or negative emotions you’re having that are leading you to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Our clinical nutrition program includes but is not limited to:

  • Personalized Nutritional Counseling
  • Customized Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and Recipes
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Health Education
  • Disease Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Analysis of Weight-related Medical Conditions

Prefer to stay home due to COVID-19? All Weight2Lose programs are available remotely!

Clinical nutrition sessions are separated into weekly consultations with a weight loss physician and weekly sessions with a registered clinical nutritionist. Your meetings with a physician will include health education in disease prevention, behavioral therapy, bloodwork, bloodwork analysis and accountability support. The doctor will help you define your needs and overcome any obstacles preventing you from meeting them.

The first step is a comprehensive nutritional assessment to help you build momentum in the new direction you’ve chosen. Your sessions will feature personalized and goal-specific meal planning that works with your eating preferences and medical conditions. The registered nutritionist will also inspire accountability and provide health education as it pertains to specific health problems. They will ensure that you learn how to read food labels so shopping the grocery aisle isn’t so daunting. 

They may even assign homework from time to time, to keep you focused and engaged on the task of being healthy. They will help you develop a long-term nutrition strategy that will quickly become your new normal.

When choosing a clinical nutrition program at Weight2lose you are assured of an engaging experience with our medical team. They will meet your health concerns with care, confidentiality and professionalism. Together with our medically-led team of experts, you will appreciate the full range of services and support systems we make available.

FeatureWeight2Lose ProgramsCommercial Programs
Accountability support from weight loss professionals✔️Yes
Health education regarding weight management and disease prevention✔️Sometimes
Bloodwork Analysis✔️Sometimes
Regular workshops with a registered clinical nutritionist✔️Sometimes
Consultations with a weight loss physician✔️Sometimes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)✔️
Personalized, goal-specific meal planning, shopping lists and recipes, in accordance with your preferences and medical conditions✔️
OHIP Supported✔️
medical weight loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Our doctors play a vital role in reducing the health impact of a poor diet. They recognize that poor diet and lack of exercise are major factors in the decline in health of our population, affecting the patient’s lifestyle, energy, mobility and overall feeling of malaise. Our weight loss doctors are in a unique position to provide practical advice and education to help inspire and influence future behavior changes to your lifestyle.

All consultations with our doctors are covered by OHIP in Ontario.

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What to Expect During Your First Visit With Your Weight Loss Doctor

You will first be asked to complete an “Assessment Intake Form”. Your medical doctor will begin your session with a family history of any medical issues and ask if you are on any medications or have any medical diagnosis from your family doctor, i.e) diabetes or cholesterol. If you are on medications, it may be a good idea to bring a list or printout from the pharmacy. 

Together you will discuss your reasons for wanting to lose weight and any challenges or barriers you may have.  The doctor will assess viability of weight management based on medical or emotional issues obtained in the evaluation (see below).

  • Weight Loss Medications
  • Psychiatric disorders / whether there is need for a psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Emotional eating
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Other medical problems associated with morbid obesity / being overweight

Each week you and your doctor will set attainable goals to complete for the next visit. This could be as easy as asking that you drink a specific amount of water or cut down on soda pop.  Also at this visit your doctor will order blood work, if blood work was not provided by your primary care provider.

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follow up fat

Follow Up Visits with your Weight2Lose Physician

Follow up visits will consist of ongoing motivational support, nutrition analysis, tracking of average weight loss, blood work analysis, medication review and whether you experienced any changes in your health. You may discuss decreasing medications. The doctor will address any challenges from a medical point of view, such as bowel issues, headaches or joint pain.

Subsequent visits will further personalize your program and provide a strong support system. Our comprehensive integrative approach is essential to your care and your success in our programs.


  • Health education in chronic disease prevention
  • Bloodwork analysis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Accountability support
  • Regular collaboration with a registered nutritionist
  • Personalized and goal-specific nutritional guidance
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