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Becoming a Weight2Lose partner means that you can now offer your clients and your personal network access to free preventative healthcare resources. And if they need more help, they will have discounted access to your highly effective medically supervised weight loss program. Our partnership will provide you with powerful new methods to grow your business.


Library of Diet and Health Oriented Programs

Your clients (or members) will receive access to a growing library of 450+ downloadable diet programs with need-specific search capabilities, 3 behavioral therapy courses, thousands of recipes, and more. Our resources are practical, research supported, self-guided and accessible from any device.

New Revenue Stream for your Business

Receive monthly commissions for program sales originating from your industry-specific landing page and your coupon code. Our financial rewards may also be transferred to your clients in the form of live program discounts and free membership access to our online CBT courses and nutrition programs.

Accurate Commission Reporting

Our team will provide accurate reporting of live program registration metrics with regular payment tracking.

Grow your Business, While Promoting Health

Affiliating with Weight2lose is a great opportunity to attract and retain new patients/ clients to your physical location/s and website. You will provide your valued network with useful clinical nutrition, weight loss and health-oriented resources.

Create Innovative Fundraising Campaigns

Our team will help you create unique fundraising campaigns, while helping your donors improve their health. You will save time, while raising money for your organization with a “done for you” campaign. It is a big win for all parties involved.

Build Credibility in your Community

Our clients and the medical community recognize Weight2Lose as a trusted brand for delivering highly effective clinical nutrition programs. Since 2013, Weight2Lose has become a well-respected program in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario.

Turnkey Marketing Tools & Assets

We provide all required signage, web banners, links, communication scripts, and promotional materials, with QR codes and coupon codes, leading people to your Weight2Lose landing page. 

Industry Specific Affiliate Page

You will provide your clients access to your industry-specific landing page. Using your coupon code, your clients will register for their membership, and receive your Weight2Lose partner discounts and freebies. 

Remote Live and Self-Guided Programs

Enable your valued network with access to essential preventive healthcare services, available remotely to any client around the world, with an internet connection.