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Affiliate Partner Expenses Calculator

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Healthcare is a defensive industry and will exceed revenues of $300 billion by 2020. Medically led weight loss is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in a vastly underserved Canadian market.

The expenditure ranges below represent start up cost estimates for joining as an Affiliate Partner of Weight2Lose Medical Clinics

Type of ExpenditureAmount*My Start Up Expenses
Annual License Fee (1 site)$0$0$
Initial Training Program (depending on the number of modules required)$0$10$
Personalized Consulting$0$0$
EMR Fees$0$0$
Nutrition Software$0$0$
Patient Resources Membership Website$0$0$
Computers and Related Peripherals$0$0$
Equipment and Supplies (e.g. medical scale, etc.)$0$0$
Front Desk Payroll*$0$0$
Office furniture$0$0$
Outsource Nutritionist/Admin/Sales Recruitment ($1,000 per hired remote employee)$0$0$
*Cost estimates are based on the initial year (if applicable) and available resources.