About Us


Weight2Lose Clinics started its journey as a medical weight loss and chronic disease prevention and management clinic. Since 2013, we helped thousands of patients every year successfully lose weight and address the root cause of chronic diseases. Our medical team is helping patients every day suffering from obesity, type 2 Diabetes, metabolic problems, hypercholesterolemia, enhanced autoimmune activity, inflammation, sleep apnea, energy deficits, depression, anxiety and numerous other obesity related disorders. Our objective is to stop the growing obesity and chronic disease threat globally, starting with Canada.


The evidence is overwhelming that the root cause of most chronic diseases lies within patients’ lifestyle choices, particularly their daily nutrition habits, mindset and lack of physical activity. Despite compelling evidence for the above, our healthcare system is primarily designed to treat patients with costly medication and surgery, without addressing the root cause of the problem. Most medical doctors encounter strict time limitations and lack sufficient training in nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy and recognize these as significant gaps in their medical training. Consequently, most medical clinics lack adequate resources to facilitate effective weight loss and chronic disease prevention and management programs for their communities.


Every health oriented practice is unique, with varying availability of physical space, onsite staffing requirements and medical regulations. Weight2Lose developed and optimized evidence based weight loss programs, health education and cognitive behavioral therapy resources, designed for integration and monetization in any health oriented setting. Whether you have an established health oriented practice (e.g. family doctor, chiropractor, registered dietitian, walk in clinic, gym, etc.), or you are an entrepreneur with a passion towards preventive healthcare, our team will provide you with appropriate training and resources for launching a successful, OHIP backed (or another form of coverage) program for your community.

Pillars of success

Treating all people with respect and integrity
Excellent patient care and attention to special needs
Developing partnerships with people and organizations who share our values and vision
Our responsibility of continuously improving the Canadian health care system
Continuous innovation, process improvement and simplicity
Helping Physicians target the root cause of their patients’ chronic diseases, not just the symptoms
Continuous development of research backed, ‘practice ready’ resources for weight loss and management of a wide range of chronic diseases
Making Weight2Lose programs and resources easily accessible for all Canadians and beyond


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