Weight2Lose objective is to help public healthcare systems around the world implement comprehensive, cost effective and culturally appropriate models of care for the prevention, detection and treatment of obesity and a wide range of chronic diseases, available to patients in all primary care settings.


Obesity is a critical global problem, with an economic impact equivalent to smoking or armed conflict, with an annual cost of over 2 trillion dollars. As a consequence of obesity, chronic diseases are on the rise and reaching epidemic proportions. In Canada, the obesity rate is twice the global average. Over 60% of Canadians are overweight, and the costliest chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Heart Disease, are linked directly to their excess weight.

Despite the great advantages of free Canadian healthcare, our acute model of care is primarily designed to treat patients with medication and surgery, without addressing the root cause of the problem. Most physicians realize the great need for a more systematic and widespread approach to preventive and functional medicine, however most medical doctors lack resources, knowledge and time to facilitate effective programs in their clinics.


The battle against obesity requires a wide range of interventions deployed collaboratively by public and private sectors, with a strong presence in all primary care settings. Most physicians and allied healthcare professionals strongly believe in the urgent need to deploy proven primary care interventions rolled out in scale, especially in areas where interventions are low risk.

Weight2Lose proven and research supported model of care evolved to provide a seamless integration into any primary care and family practice setting. Our system was developed and deployed to serve primary care settings in Canada. At the same time, our interventions are broadly applicable around the world. Our team of experienced medical doctors, researchers, registered dietitians and other healthcare professionals are available to help your medical team integrate a wide range of preventive healthcare and chronic disease management interventions into any primary care environment.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Proposals
  • Site analysis
  • Return on Investment Forecasting
  • Team Development and Staffing (e.g. Physician Placement)
  • Customization and Translation of Programs into any Language
  • Development of Clinical Management Strategies
  • Clinician Education, Remote and Onsite
  • Educational Curriculum Development
  • Screening Mechanisms for Primary Care
  • Turnkey Programs and Resources for Facilitators
  • Ongoing Support of Programs
  • Research Support
  • Cross-industry Collaboration Support