Frequently Asked Questions by Physicians

Canada and most industrialized countries are experiencing an alarming increase in the number of people suffering from complex chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Our healthcare system is oriented towards acute care, aimed to treat immediate problems and symptoms primarily with drugs and surgery. The application of vital strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition, diet and exercise are practiced in less than 5% of primary care settings.


Why should I introduce Weight2Lose programs in my clinic/s?
Weight2Lose programs were designed for seamless integration into primary care to help physicians prevent and treat chronic diseases, while maximizing the income potential of their medical practice.
I do not believe in “dieting”. What kind of programs will be offered to my patients?
Weight2lose is not a “diet”, but a growing ecosystem of research supported programs and customizable resources designed to accommodate physicians’ perspectives and patients’ needs. As a supervising physician, you have control of which weight loss programs and/or chronic disease counseling resources are offered to your patients by our health educators. In addition, programs are personalized to address the specific health conditions and weight loss goals of every patient.
I am part of a group (or team) and we already have a health educator. Is there a point to affiliate with Weight2Lose in this case?
Yes, we can still help. At Weight2Lose we believe that every patient with a chronic disease or obesity should have convenient access to a wide range of resources in their physician’s office. Unfortunately, most groups of physicians, even ones with a health educator, still do not offer adequate programs and resources for their patients. In fact, fewer than 5% of Canadian primary care clinics, offer evidence based weight loss programs, diabetes prevention programs, cognitive behavioral therapy and other chronic disease counseling resources for their patients. Our objective is to add value to your practice, while helping you maximize the income potential of your physical space.


I am a physician, with little knowledge in CBT and nutrition, interested in supervising and/or counseling my patients in the most time efficient manner. Does your system allow for this?
Yes. Our physician manuals and support system from health educators was designed to maximize time efficiency and assumes minimal background in psychology, nutrition, fitness and other areas of practice.
What workshop topics do you offer to new supervising physicians and what teaching methods are used?
Our core programs focus on nutrition education, CBT interventions and fitness, with workshops available in all Weight2Lose program topics. Workshops may include mini lectures, program facilitation overview for every session, case study discussions and educational videos.
What are the qualification requirements of Weight2Lose health educators?
The minimum qualification requirements for Weight2Lose health educators include a relevant undergraduate degree, along with additional training and certifications in nutrition and chronic disease counseling. Most health educators are experienced registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and other allied health professionals.


I am a physician interested in Weight2Lose. How can I offer your programs to my patients?
There are 2 avenues to offer our programs to your patients. The most geographically convenient and stress free avenue (for your patients) is to implement our turnkey programs on your premises with the help of a Weight2Lose health educator. The second option is to refer patients to a nearby Weight2Lose affiliated location.
What are the space requirements for an onsite Health Educator in my clinic?
One small room or private area will suffice.
Do we require reception desk space or support from our receptionists to facilitate Weight2Lose programs?
No. Weight2Lose onsite health educators, in collaboration with remote administrators will handle all the work. There is no need for reception desk space or receptionist support.


Is there a fee for physician training workshops or any licensing costs for utilizing Weight2Lose manuals, program resources or patient handouts?
No. There is no cost to Weight2Lose affiliate physicians. You will receive training, manuals and resources at no charge.
Do I get penalized for referring my rostered patients or for offering Weight2Lose programs on my premises?
No. Our system is designed to prevent referral penalties.


Can I provide Weight2Lose manuals and other handouts to my patients?
Yes. You will receive facilitator and patient manuals to utilize in your practice as you see fit.
Can my colleagues utilize Weight2Lose manuals with their patients?
Your physician colleagues may only utilize Weight2Lose programs if they affiliate with Weight2Lose. Weight2Lose is a trademarked program, with copyrighted content. Use, duplication or dissemination of any Weight2Lose manuals or other materials is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of Weight2Lose.
Can I utilize Weight2Lose logo in my practice?
Yes. Affiliate physicians may utilize the Weight2Lose logo to promote our programs to their patients.
Can I translate Weight2Lose programs to another language or redesign the format of the programs?
Weight2Lose is open to consider program re-development collaboration and is available to provide consulting services and assistance. Any proposal for the re-development or translation of Weight2Lose program content is considered derivative work. The development of Weight2Lose derivative work is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of Weight2Lose.