Frequently Asked Questions By Patients

Eligibility for joining Weight2Lose programs (Ontario)

I heard about your program from a friend. Do I need a referral to join Weight2lose programs offered outside of my doctor’s office?
No. Considering that our programs are facilitated by medical doctors, you may join without a referral. Upon your first visit we will get in touch with your family physician to ensure we have all the necessary information. (i.e. Bloodwork, medical condition diagnosis, medications, etc.). Please remember to bring your health card to your first visit.
I received a phone call from Weight2lose with a recommendation to start the program. Why is my doctor doing this?
This initiative will help you receive important ongoing education and personalized guidance to help you manage your chronic condition and/or lose weight. Weight2Lose health educators, physicians and administrative staff help your family doctor facilitate counseling and save the doctor time by handling the administrative tasks associated with the program. This initiative is fully funded by the Ministry of Health and encourages doctors to offer this program in their clinic.
I received a phone call (or a letter) informing me about my eligibility to join Weight2Lose programs in my family doctor’s office. What is the next step?
If you received a call or a letter from Weight2Lose to join the program in your family doctor’s clinic, means that your doctor already approved your participation in the program. Please call us back to schedule your first appointment.
I saw an advertisement about Weight2Lose Clinics. How do I know if I qualify to join?
Most overweight or obese patients (especially ones with a medical condition related to weight gain) are eligible to join and are welcome to contact us directly to schedule an appointment.
How do I find and start a Weight2Lose led program?
Simply call our main clinic phone number and ask to schedule your first appointment. We will help you locate a clinic closest to your place of residence or workplace.
Will I see a medical doctor as part of the program? Is counseling covered by OHIP (or comparable insurance plan in my province)?
Yes. You will receive regular counseling from a medical doctor. And yes, counseling is covered by OHIP (or comparable insurance plan).
I live in Ontario and am interested in Weight2Lose programs. What medical conditions make me eligible to receive counseling from a registered dietitian or clinical nutritionist under OHIP coverage?
In order to see a registered dietitian or a nutritionist (under OHIP or comparable provincial insurance plan), you must be diagnosed with one of the following conditions to qualify: Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, COPD or CHF (i.e. in Ontario). Bloodwork or another proof of medical condition diagnosis is required to see a registered dietitian.
I do not have any chronic diseases and only wish to lose weight. Can I still get help?
If you do not qualify for counseling with a health educator in your family doctor’s clinic, yet still need support with weight loss, please submit an Information Request or call Weight2Lose head office for assistance to help you find a clinic offering programs near you.

Program Content

Why is Weight2Lose better and more effective than commercial weight loss programs?
Do not let the name fool you. Weight2lose is not a simple weight loss program, but a lifestyle change, nutrition education and habit formation ecosystem of resources and highly qualified service providers. We have numerous programs designed for different chronic conditions and health goals. Programs can be facilitated privately and be highly personalized, semi- privately or in a small group. A key advantage of Weight2Lose programs is the close collaboration between top medical professionals (i.e. medical doctors, certified diabetes educators, etc.) and your family doctor. Our programs helped thousands of patients every year since 2011.
I am interested in weight loss. What is the program “philosophy” practiced at Weight2Lose Clinics?
General Philosophy

Sustainable lifestyle changes Frozen meals
Clean nutrition Appetite suppressants
Regular grocery store shopping Extreme diets
Consistent exercise habits Metabolic enhancers
Healthy sleep patterns Harmful supplements
Effective stress management Diet pills
Mindful eating Quick Fix

Attendance Questions

What should I bring to my first appointment?
  • Valid health card
  • Clinic fee (when applicable)
  • List of medications (we can help you retrieve the list after your first appointment)
  • Recent blood work (we can request on your behalf when you arrive to your first appointment)
How often am I expected to attend sessions?
Frequency is dependent on the type of program you are in. Generally, we recommend attending once per week. In case you are unable to do that, twice per month is acceptable as well. In the maintenance phase (after reaching your health goal) you may check in once per month for accountability and ongoing support.
What is the typical length of a Weight2lose program?
Weight2lose programs do not have a set timeline and may vary in length depending on the program. We help patients in accordance with their chronic conditions, unique health objectives and/or weight loss goals.
How long are the sessions?
Session length may range from 5-20 minutes when facilitated independently by medical doctors and 60-90 minutes with support from a Weight2lose health educator.
Will I receive any manuals, resources and “homework”?
Yes. Patients receive educational program manuals and numerous additional handouts applicable to their program/s and medical condition/s.


Do Weight2Lose programs have fees?
All counseling services with your medical doctor and clinical nutritionist are free of charge to all eligible patients in Ontario, Canada (covered by OHIP). Weight2Lose affiliated clinics outside Ontario may have a different structure. Certain services offered by your Weight2Lose clinic may not be covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (or comparable plans in other regions). Such services and resources can add value to your program and vary from clinic to clinic. “Non-insured services” and resources may include Assessments, Comprehensive Personalized Meal Planning and Shopping List Development, Specialized Testing, Functional Medicine Services, Educational Patient Manuals, Supplementation, Fitness Services, Email Support and many others. To reduce administrative time and provide a cost saving advantage to patients, some locations may offer flat fees instead of charging for each value add service/ resource separately. For example, our Toronto clinic on Bathurst/Wilson offers a comprehensive list of services and resources not covered by OHIP. Our main clinic charges an average monthly fee of $39-$79 per month (depending on the program selected). For more detailed information, please inquire in your clinic location.


Is my privacy and personal health information protected?
Yes! Your doctor and Weight2Lose health educators are committed to protect your personal health information. In the past 6 years, Weight2Lose exchanged patient information with over 700 medical doctors across Ontario. As administrative agents of your doctor (and in our own locations), Weight2Lose is bound to maintain strict confidentiality consistent with the requirements of the ‘Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004’, with all information we receive in the course of our work with your doctor (in the same way your doctor’s staff does). Please e-mail us at to request Weight2Lose complete privacy statement. Patients with a privacy complaint are encouraged to e-mail us the details of the complaint, and our team will address the concern immediately.