Corporate Wellness


Weight2Lose clinics specialize in chronic disease prevention and management, and medically supervised weight loss programs. Our physicians, in collaboration with qualified health educators such as registered dietitians, facilitate evidence based and research supported programs in clinics across Ontario and beyond. Our custom corporate wellness programs address medical, nutrition, exercise and behavioral factors for companies of any size.

Key Advantages

Maximum value and return on investment

Our key focus is to help your team maximize the return on investment from your wellness programs. We offer companies the opportunity to benefit from OHIP coverage in Ontario (and comparable provincial insurance plans). Our programs will provide a wide range of resources to all of your employees who are interested in improving their health. At the same time, Weight2Lose programs tend to attract people with chronic diseases (e.g. Diabetes), therefore help employees most susceptible to costly disability claims, absenteeism, low productivity and prescription medication needs.

Tailored programs and services

Weight2Lose offers a wide range of programs and services tailored to fit your organizational requirements. Our team will help you select the most applicable services and program facilitation platforms to accommodate your needs. Programs are available in our clinics, on your premises or remotely via distance programs.

Capability to work with nationwide clients

Weight2Lose has a growing network of physicians and allied health professionals. We will select the closest primary care clinics to ensure proximity to most (or all) of your office locations. In addition, many of our programs can be facilitated remotely via webinars and live video chat.

For a full list of services to choose from, please visit our Patient Programs page.