Clinic Owners / Medical Doctors

As an owner or a director of a medical clinic or a chain of clinics, you’ve invested your passion and your precious time into building your group and a patient centric practice. As an entrepreneur, you are always considering methods to enhance quality of care for your patients, while saving time for your doctors and maximizing the income potential of your physical space.

Over the past 6 years, Weight2Lose Clinics developed and put into practice a wide range of evidence based counseling programs, turnkey administrative systems and numerous research supported resources. Our team of experienced and dedicated medical doctors, health educators and administrators will help your doctors maximize value for your patients, while introducing new revenue streams for your medical practice. Partnering with Weight2Lose can unlock a unique opportunity to grow your practice faster and leverage our team’s proven ability to facilitate chronic disease counseling and weight loss programs in your clinic/s.

For a full description of our services and resources for clinic owners and physicians, please refer to our Summary of Services for Physicians page.