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Our innovative model of healthcare will enhance quality of care for your patients, save your time and maximize the income potential of your physical space.

Key benefits

Maximize health benefits for your patients

Your patients will receive personalized health education from highly qualified professionals to better manage their chronic condition/s and lose weight.

New revenue streams

Attract new revenue streams from: supervision, corporate accounts and value add services.

Optimize time use

Weight2Lose health educators and remote admin staff will help you maximize time efficiency.

Eliminate schedule gaps

Create a busier schedule through higher frequency of patient visits and scheduling support from Weight2Lose.

Patient resources

Provide your patients with structured and easy to read manuals, worksheets and evidence based educational materials.

Physician resources

Benefit from our growing library of “practice ready” resources, including scripted program manuals designed for facilitators.

Physician training

You are welcome to shadow an existing physician and/or receive educational workshops designed to help you get started counseling your patients.

Full administration support

Weight2Lose provides full administration support including billing, schedule management, patient intake (done by your onsite health educator), etc.

Attract new patients

If you are accepting new patients, Weight2Lose will refer new patients and corporate groups to your location.

Minimal space utility

The amount of space needed for health educators is minimal, one small room will suffice. No reception desk space required.

Avoid “outside use” penalties

The project is approved by the ministry of health in Ontario. Referring rostered patients to your Weight2Lose programs will not result in penalties and not affect your bonuses. Custom solutions for a wide range of clinical settings are available in other provinces.


Weight2Lose will place a health educator to facilitate programs for your patients on your clinic’s premises, under your supervision. We will provide resources and support to ensure a seamless integration of all programs.

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Refer your patients to other Weight2Lose locations by faxing your patients’ bloodwork and recommendations using the form below.

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